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Degrees and Certifications:

Bachelor of Science in Family & Consumer Sciences University of North Texas

Mrs. Naughton

Growing up I lived in 14 houses in two countries and 4 states.  I went to 8 schools by the time I graduated from high school.  My dad was a fighter pilot in the Air Force during the Cold War hence the many moves.  I went to college at the University of North Texas, where I earned a degree in Home Economics Education.  It's a Bachelor of Science Degree and more rigorous than many people understand.  I met my husband who was studying Jazz and Music Education.  We've been education collaborators for our 36-year marriage. We settled in Arlington because we heard it had a good school system and raised our twin daughters who are now 28.  Although they are twins we encouraged them to go to different high schools to meet their individual goals.  One graduated from Martin High School and the other from Fort Worth Academy of Fine Arts.  Katie earned a Communications degree from the University of Alabama and Keeley earned a Bachelors from Syracuse University and a Masters from Texas Christian University.

I mention all of this by way of saying that the important decisions I've made in my adult life have involved education - either as a career or as a parent.  I have a serious travel bug but we've lived in Arlington since 1986 because of our belief that a stable and nurturing environment is everything in education as a child.  My first job was in Grandview and I also taught in Irving. I left teaching for 10 years to stay home with my children and came back so I could send my children to the colleges of their dreams.  I taught in Mansfield for a year and then found my way to KHS and been here since 2001.  These days my field is called Family & Consumer Sciences and I teach the Career Cluster of Human Services.  I am deeply committed to the education and personal development of my students.

I'm especially proud to work with the students who work with children across KISD through Peer Assistance & Leadership.