• Assessment and Identification

    Identification & Qualifying Criteria

    Students are referred for services by parent, teacher, counselors or other interested parties. Referral information is available on the district website and may also be requested via the campus GT Coordinators. Prior to assessment, referrals are reviewed by a screening committee. This committee may include the principals, assistant principals, counselors, and campus interventionists. The screening committee determines whether the student profile meets district guidelines for continued evaluation. SStudents are assessed using three or more evaluation instruments, including both quantitative and qualitative measures. Written parental consent must be obtained prior to assessment.


    Per KISD Board Policy EHBB (LOCAL), criteria shall be specific to the state definition of gifted and talented and shall ensure the fair assessment of students from all populations, including students with special needs, economically disadvantaged, and students with disabilities. Teachers, counselors, and parents may refer a student for GT screening. Referrals are accepted throughout the year. Identification will be based upon review input from teachers, input from parents, and evaluation data.

    The identification, screening, and evaluation process takes place throughout the year with notification to parents regarding qualification taking place in the spring.


    Kindergarten – Grade 6th 

    Students must meet at least two of the following criteria to proceed with further assessment:

    • Meet or exceed one grade level above in math and/or reading as determined by MAP universal screener;
    • Meet or exceed a score of 3.0 on the Renzulli Motivation Scale

    Grade 2 – District-wide Screening

    All students enrolled in second grade will participate in the CogAT screener. CogAT Screener takes place every spring. Students who score 124 or higher will proceed with GT identification assessments.

    Identification Assessment & Placement

    Students are assessed using multiple instruments including:

    • Cognitive Abilities Test (CogAT) 
    • Naglieri Nonverbal Ability Test (NNAT) 
    • Test of Nonverbal Intelligence (TONI) 

    A student who scores 93rd percentile or a Student Ability Index score of 124 on two of four measures is automatically admitted into the program.

    Students will be assessed no more than once a year.

    Additionally, if a student scores 93rd percentile or a Student Ability Index score of 124 on one of four measures, additional subjective assessment tools including creativity tests, behavioral checklists completed by teachers and parents, conferences, and portfolios of work products may be considered for eligibility.


    GT Admissions (Selection) Committee is to be comprised of a minimum of three professional educators who have completed (30) hours of GT training and are current with six hour GT training update. Parents and students shall be notified in writing the results of the identification assessment. Written parental consent is required prior to placement in the GT program. Parent consent form is located in the KISD Gifted & Talented Google Drive.

    The campus GT Coordinator will create and maintain a GT documentation file for identified students (see Appendix A for list of required documentation). The campus GT Coordinator will sign off on files when all documentation is complete, and files will be placed in the student cumulative file. Assessment documents for students not identified are kept for a minimum of five years.

    Transfer Students

    When a student is identified as GT by a previous school district and transfers to Kennedale ISD, he/she will be referred for services automatically. The student will be evaluated using Kennedale ISD district criteria within 30 days of enrollment. The campus GT Coordinator will compare previous testing documentation to the Kennedale ISD identification criteria. If the student documentation aligns, the student is admitted into the GT program. If the documentation partially aligns or does not meet the district criteria, the campus GT Coordinator will reevaluate the student in part or in whole. The campus GT Coordinator will make a final determination whether previous district assessments meet local identification criteria. If previous district assessments do not meet KISD criteria the student will be evaluated through the district identification process.