Identified students remain in assigned classes and are served by the GT-trained kindergarten teacher. Students will participate in Challenge Lab as described below.

    GRADES 1-6

    Identified students will be serviced through Cluster Grouping and Challenge Lab.

    Cluster Grouping

    Cluster Grouping will provide services for GT students in the general education setting. Identified gifted students are grouped in a classroom with teachers who have 30 hours of professional development in GT education and have maintained their 6-hour update. Clustered students will be served in the four core areas using GT aligned materials/strategies. The GT student in a regular class will work both individually and in a group with other gifted students. Teachers work with the students to ensure accelerated instruction, advanced learning opportunities, and student progress monitoring.

    Challenge Lab

    The campus GT coordinator provides students specialized instruction through the Challenge Lab. Identified GT students meet with the Challenge Lab teacher in grade-level Study Groups for at least 120 minutes every two weeks. These classes provide learning opportunities in intellectual, creative/artistic, leadership, and multi-disciplinary fields. The campus GT Coordinator is responsible for utilizing the GT Curriculum provided by the Texas Performance Standards Project (TPSP) to support students in creating products students will present in the Annual Gifted & Talented Showcase.

    GT Showcase

    The Annual GT Showcase is coordinated on the campus level each year. Students will have the opportunity to present advanced level products at a campus showcase each spring. Community members and stakeholders are invited to attend the showcase.

    Classwork and Projects

    Students are expected to turn in classwork and projects on time unless they have made special arrangements with the teacher in advance. Students who have excused absences will be allowed to turn in missed assignments within five school days without penalty. Students who are failing classwork, have excessive absences, or are unable to meet minimum requirements in their cluster group classroom will be recommended for furlough/leave of absence.

    Missed Class Assignments

    Students are responsible for mastering the concepts covered in their core content classes. However, they are not responsible for any assignments missed while attending Challenge Lab. Students will not to be penalized nor will they be required to make up missed assignments.

    GRADES 7-12

    GT Course Offerings

    GT students at our secondary campuses are served through our advanced course options, including AP and Honors courses as well as courses offered by institutions of higher education through CTE and concurrent enrollment. Students may also earn advanced credit through Independent Study and acceleration through Credit by Exam. GT students must be enrolled in at least one GT-coded course section each semester.

    If a student chooses not to enroll in a GT course offering, the student may apply for a leave of absence for one semester. A leave of absence may be granted for a variety of extenuating circumstances, including unique family circumstances, illness, emotional issues, or anything that would inhibit a student’s performance while receiving GT services. A leave of absence must be approved by the school counselor, GT campus coordinator, and campus administrator. The student’s parent or guardian must also be notified. Once a leave of absence has been granted, the counselor shall complete the form and place it inside the student file. The GT Furlough & Leave of Absence Form can be found in the KISD Gifted & Talented Google Drive.

    After returning from a leave of absence, the student must enroll in at least one GT-coded course or be placed on furlough for one semester. The school counselor will complete the furlough form and place it inside the student file. The student will be coded in PEIMS as furloughed for GT services. The student’s parent or guardian must also be notified. Once the furlough term expires, the student will either 1) enroll in one GT course offering to remain in the program or 2) complete the furlough process and exit the GT program. An exit letter will be sent home to parents for notification. Once a student has exited from the program, they may not reenter the GT program without a full screening and reevaluation.