• Mrs. Cinquepalmi's ELAR and Social Studies 

    Google Class Codes


    ELAR (Mrs. Cinquepalmi's Homeroom) rsdedjy

    ELAR (Mr Johnson's Homeroom) ug4zkyo

    ELAR (Ms. Howard's Homeroom) gv5cx43


    Social Studies (Mrs. Cinquepalmi's Homeroom) lx7upyw

    Social Studies (Mr. Johnson's Homeroom) c2jd2th

    Social Studies (Ms. Howard's Homeroom) 7inrlna



    Make sure to log into Google Classroom and archive your classes from last year... if it has not already been done.  Click the + sign in the upper right hand corner and type in the codes. Please refer to Ms. Howard's and Mr. Johnson's site pages for class codes to their science and math classes.  (These are only the class clodes to my ELAR and Social Studies classes.  You will sign into the appropriate class based on your homeroom teacher) Please email me if you have any questions.