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ESL Certified GT Trained NEARPOD Certified

Mrs. Celi Chaves

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This is my 17th year with Kennedale ISD. The first 8 years I worked for the ESL department at several schools in the district.  I was the reading interventionist at JAA and Delaney as well. As an English-as-a-second-language learner myself, I used to hate to read. When I was finally able to read well, around the time I was in 6th grade, I never stopped. I became a teacher to help students who struggled like I once did. I often say that I didn't choose this career, it chose me.  I had wonderful teachers who spent countless hours helping me. I feel as though I am paying it forward!

My husband, Josh, and I have been married for 14 years. We have a daughter named Senia in the 7th grade at KJHS, and a 2rd grader named JJ at Delaney. 

This year I am teaching Reading/ELA and Social Studies. In Reading, we will be concentrating on reading comprehension through Socratic questioning, writing activities, and various small group and hands-on activities.  We read a different short story every week, including several poems.  We usually quiz on Fridays over the reading skills we have practiced that week, as well as the story. (Reading skills including things like summarizing and plot outline.) The stories are taken from the reading textbook/workbook and also from Great Books.  We will also read 2-3 novels this year, time permitting.  In November, we work on nonfiction unit by reading and discussing newspaper articles from the week President John F. Kennedy was assassinated. Our kids usually love this unit since it occurred here in Dallas.  The 6 grade reading teachers all plan together and are following the same lesson plans that we came up with as a team. At times, our reading skills, activities, or group rotations may vary depending on the needs of the class but the general lesson plan is the same. 

Social Studies will be taught in context with the stories that we read in class. I am a history nerd and love to infuse it into my reading curriculum. 6th Grade Social Studies focuses on world cultures, geography, and people. I love to have my kids explore other worlds and report back in projects.

I am also a book nerd. During any 5 min clean up time, free time, after a test time, etc, I am reading to my kids. Please ask your kids what we are reading in class!