Description of Services

  • The developmental guidance and counseling program in Texas public schools is an integral part of the total educational program. This program is comprised of four components:

    • Guidance Curriculum, Responsive Services, Individual Planning, and System Support.

    • Classroom Guidance - assists students in developing basic life skills. Addressed with students are issues of self-esteem, motivation to achieve, decision-making, interpersonal effectiveness, communication skills, cross-cultural effectiveness, and responsible behavior.

    • Responsive Services - are designed to intervene on behalf of those students whos immediate personal concerns put their continued development at risk. Responsive services are provided on a an individual or small group basis.

    • Individual Planning - guides students as they plan their individual educational and career goals.

    • System Support - consultation with teachers, support for community relations efforts.

    • Eligibility Criteria - All students are eligible for guidance/counseling services.

    • Referral Process - Referrals can be generated by students, parents, teachers, and administrators at any time.


Last Modified on February 17, 2022