Employee ID Badge Replacements

    • If you lose your Kennedale ISD Employee ID Badge, please get in touch with Heather Gulseth at gulsethh@kisdtx.net immediately so the badge can be deactivated. 
    • Replacement employee ID badges are $5.00. 
    • Please complete the ID BADGE REPLACEMENT FORM.
    • The badge will be provided once the Facilities and Operations Department has collected the replacement fee. 
    • Please allow a minimum of 48 hours for the replaced badge to be created. 

Caring for your Badge

    • Please don't leave it in direct sunlight.
    • Do not machine wash.
    • Please don't crimp, bend, or twist the card.
    • Please don't punch a slot or hole in the badge.
    • Please leave your badge in the card protector we give you.

    Questions?  Please contact Heather Gulseth or Ashley Sawatzke.